Vinhos Verdes/Green Wines

Vinho Verde is very fresh, due to its natural acidity, with fruity and floral aromas that depend on the grape variety. The  wines are lemon- or straw-coloured, around 9 to 13% alcohol, and are made from local grape varieties Alvarinho, Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura.

Aveleda, 2017
Bottle (750ml): $50.00

Poio Alvarinho 2020
Bottle (750ml): $70.00

Soalheiro Docil Alvarinho, 2018
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Soalheiro Alvarinho, 2020
Bottle (750ml): $90.00

Bico Amarelo  2020
Bottle (750ml): $60.00

Souto Montanha Alvarinho 2020
Bottle (750ml): $75.00

Contacto Alvarinho 2020
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Espadeiro Rose, 2020
Bottle (750ml): $60.00

Soalheiro Allo 2018
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Santiago Alvarinho Loureiro, 2017
Bottle (750ml): $85.00


Douro wines can be crisp, elegant, and age worthy. Douro Valley is located in Northern Portugal and is undoubtedly the most beautiful wine region in the world. It boasts steep and rugged terrain with the majestic Douro River twisting and turning through the heart of the valley.

Quinta do Arcosso 2018
Bottle (750ml): $60.00

CARM Reserva 2019
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Qta do Portal Colheita 2019
Bottle (750ml): $70.00

Qta do Cume Reserva 2018
Bottle (750ml): $110.00

Branco da Gaivosa 2018
Bottle (750ml): $70.00

Casa Boal Mae Maria 2016
Bottle (750ml): $120.00

Dão/Bairrada, Beiras

Dão star white grape is the Encruzado, making styles ranging from light, fresh whites to richer, barrel-fermented versions. Supporting white varieties are Bical, Cercial, Malvasia Fina and Verdelho.

Ribeiro Santo Encruzado 2016
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Qtª dos Roques Encruzado 2015
Bottle (750ml): $90.00

Quinta de Saes Reserva 2017
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Ideal Principal Rose Tête Cuvée 2009
Bottle (750ml): $125.00

Luis Pato Vinhas Velhas 2020
Bottle (750ml): $80.00


Alentejo wines are generally full-bodied, richly textured, and rich in perfumed aromas and flavors that can include lychee fruit, rose, peach, apple, and citrus fruit. Alentejo boasts a few very fine wines from the grapes Antao Vaz, Roupeiro, Arinto.

Coelheiros 2016
Bottle (750ml): $70.00

Rubrica 2019
Bottle (750ml): $85.00

Esporao Private Selection 2017
Bottle (750ml): $115.00

Tapada de Coelheiros 2016
Bottle (750ml): $160.00

Herdade dos Grous 2018
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Monte da Peceguina 2017
Bottle (750ml): $90.00

Herdade da Calada Baron de B 2016
Bottle (750ml): $120.00

Cartuxa Pera Manca 2014
Bottle (750ml): $200.00

Esporão Reserva 2019
Bottle (750ml): $80.00

Cartuxa Colheita 2017
Bottle (750ml): $90.00

Malhadinha  2016
Bottle (750ml): $120.00

HST not included